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About Us

Consistent Certified Quality

Mikisa Gems' goal is to be a customer-oriented and reliable source of finely cut small diamonds, providing leading jewellery and watch brands with a guaranteed, certified quality supply and meticulous service.

We manufacture and supply top-quality Full cut and Single cut from 0.5mm up to 3.6mm to high-end jewellery and watch brands in consistent and standardised assortments.

A vision built on solid foundations

Created in 1999, Mikisa Gems has its roots in B. Bipinkumar & Co, who have built a wealth of expertise in cutting and polishing rough diamonds into gems since 1974. Due to the success and increasing demand for their production, Mikisa Gems was created as the sales outpost for these fine goods, with representation in Mumbai, Antwerp and Hong Kong.

Over 40 years ago, the founders Shri Jivanbhai Saspara and Shri Dhanjibhai Saspara started as labour contractors, by training talented artisans into skilled diamond polishers. Their hard work and dedication took the company to great heights, creating the foundations for decades of success for B. Bipinkumar & co and Mikisa Gems.

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We believe in our Make

Mikisa Gems offer the best supply of precisely cut diamonds to the international market.

Our business model fosters technical innovation and systematic methodologies, enabling us to deliver consistently the products and services precisely tuned to the needs of our customers.

Our operations are founded on strong managerial, organizational and logistical skills, but especially driven by our heartfelt commitment:

We make what we believe in and we believe in our Make.

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Driven to Achieve Excellence

As a close-knit family-owned diamond company managed by qualified business professionals, we have been taught the values of striving to be the best. When the current CEO, Bipin Saspara, brought the family business to the international stage in 1999, he successfully applied this approach to all aspects of the business.

At the heart of our philosophy lies the emphasis on a close interaction and cooperation with our clients. Every day, our relentless eye for detail ensures we meet exactly our clients’ expectations for consistent assortments, faultless product quality, and timely deliveries.

Our dedicated focus on manufacturing only very specific small goods is our secret to delivering excellence.

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Our Know-How is your Guarantee

Mikisa Gems invests continuously in systematic standardisation supported by objective quality controls.

Our laboratories in Mumbai and in Antwerp work together to ensure continuous improvement and the very highest standards of assessment. Our technology and processes are developed in-house based on over 40 years of experience in diamond trading, manufacturing, engineering and process control.

We are proud to be fully compliant with the most demanding international standards and are currently undergoing independent accreditation.

Every day, our drive to achieve excellence is your best guarantee that we will exceed your expectations.

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