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Ultimate and Unique Peace-of-Mind.

The CertiS certificate is our guarantee to jewellery and watch manufacturersthat the diamonds we supply precisely meet your requirements, each and every time. CertiS fills the void that existed in the supply chain of small polished diamonds, providing a consistent and transparent quality standard.

CertiS is the fruit of nearly 40 years of Belgian and Indian know-how in diamond trading, manufacturing, engineering and process control, put to your benefit.

We align with your production to optimise efficiency by delivering on time and in the requisite specification, removing variations in product standard, thus streamlining internal processes, shortening the manufacturing pipeline and preventing unplanned stoppages.

Certified Parcel Assortment.

Each CertiS certificate summarises the measurements of the make,including proportions and symmetry, of every single stonein the parcel. It also describes the standardised assortment of colour and purity.

  • Date and unique certificate and parcel number
  • Details of the graded and measured stones: number and sire
  • Detailed grading of the stones: colour, clarity and cut (proportions, symmetry and polish)
  • The certificate specifies the lowest and highest score in the parcel. Summary is given of the min and max main cut parameters and the standard deviation.
  • Photorealistic images of 9 random stones from the parcel
  • More detailed graphical representation of the elements that make up the grades of the parcel.

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Comprehensive, Accurate Data.

Mikisa Gems operates two laboratories in Mumbai and in Antwerp, both applying the same thorough and systematic methodology. Experience and expertise from each laboratory is cross-referenced to ensure continuous improvement and the very highest standards of assessment.

  • Colour and purity gradingare done by visual inspection, supported by a process control system and objective quality parameters ensuring consistent results.
  • Measurement of proportions and symmetry: every parcel stone is individually measured. Algorithms scientifically developed in-house using our extensive knowledge of small goods manufacturing determine the cut and symmetry of the stone.

We are currently in the process of gaining independent accreditation for our Production System and Quality Control.

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A world of benefits – whatever your specific requirements!

Mikisa Gems fully guarantees the precise consistency of the product supplied over time, irrespective whether you are purchasing from our standard range or your own specification.

The accuracy and reliability of our CertiS certificate does away with the need to pass each stone through your internal Quality Control before acceptance, a Best Practice well established in many leading industries.

Since we can guarantee the quality of the product, the certificate can be used for reliable and fault-free bagging and matching.

The certification process is highly adaptable to your requirements, ensuring we never impose a make onour clients. Create a package that is uniquely and 100% specific to your desired assortments of make, quality and type of product!

The customised certificate provides you with the watertight assurance that you are receiving the same consistent product, each and every time.

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